Laboratory tests

Taking into account the individual requirements of each customer, the specialists of the BENKAM laboratory conduct through research of each alloy to ensure the quality of the produced profile.

Chemists-technologists carefully follow the process of processing profiles. Their main task is to control the technological process and perform constant checking of the parts at regular intervals. The verification procedure includes:

  • Measurement of anodic coating thickness
  • Measurement of electrical conductivity
  • Measurement of pH
  • Test for weight loss
  • Abrasion resistance test
  • Sealing quality control


BENKAM company widely uses aluminum alloys of series: 1ххх, 6ххх, and also 7ххх. Due to the structural advantages of the 6xxx series alloys

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Why aluminum?

Aluminum has many valuable properties. It is very durable, despite the fact that it is almost 2 times lighter than iron.

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