Why aluminum?

aluminumAluminum has many valuable properties. It is very durable, despite the fact that it is almost 2 times lighter than iron. Not subject to corrosion, because its surface is always covered with the finest oxide film (see anodizing). During the entire life of the plant, it practically does not require repair. It does not magnetize, it conducts electricity perfectly. And of course durability, this is one of the main advantages, the durability of aluminum structures is over 80 years. It retains its structural properties under temperature changes. After processing the surface of aluminum products, they are not susceptible to corrosion caused by rain, snow, heat and smog. Aluminum does not require recycling, it simply does not exist, since aluminum scrap is subject to recovery, retaining its original properties. In the construction there is developed system of circular process of aluminum utilization. The harvesting waste of enterprises and replaced old construction parts are sent for reuse. It also does not contain heavy metal impurities, does not emit harmful substances under the influence of ultraviolet rays, and maintains its performance in any climatic conditions at temperature differences from -80°C and up to + 100°C.

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Aluminum profile, as a rule, is made of a three-component alloy

  • aluminum (ensures lightness);
  •  magnesium (strengthens the strength of alloy);
  •  silicon (increases the casting properties).

In conclusion, I would like to note that the use of aluminum can be infinite: this metal and its alloys can be repeatedly melted without losing its physical properties.

Most of the aluminum produced since the existence of the industry have been used today.


BENKAM company widely uses aluminum alloys of series: 1ххх, 6ххх, and also 7ххх. Due to the structural advantages of the 6xxx series alloys

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Laboratory tests

Taking into account the individual requirements of each customer, the specialists of the BENKAM laboratory conduct through research of each alloy to ensure the quality of the produced profile.

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