Electrotechnical industry

Among all radiators - devices designed to remove heat from its source into the environment - aluminium options are the most effective for cooling electrical, radio, and many other devices.

Cooling radiators

The requirements for cooling radiators are very high by their quality and parameters, and it is the models made of aluminium that maximally solve the problem of removing a significant amount of heat, while remaining very compact and small, which in many cases can be a decisive factor. For comparison: with the same heat transfer parameters, such products are more than twice as light as copper analogs.

Miniaturization of electronic equipment was faced with the problem of overheating, which led to the use of aluminium radiators and cooling systems based on aluminium.

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LED panels

Also, aluminium radiators are well combined with LED panels, the body of which is often also made of aluminium, which increases the efficiency of heat transfer and cooling.

Aluminium profile for LED lighting is an excellent solution in the absence of significant investment in lighting. Aluminium profile for LED backlighting allows you to choose the ribbon, duralite, board as desired by the consumer. Due to the different overall dimensions, you can easily find the best option for your project.

Aluminium profile for lightning will look harmoniously in the interior of the restaurant, on the staircase, window dressing, lighting the facade of the building.

Interior and design

Including technology development Interior design is also developing, aluminum frame profiles are one of the most popular ways of manufacturing facades for kitchen, office furniture and home furniture.

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Furniture industry

Usage of aluminum for furniture production gives a creative impetus to design of modern interior of house, apartment or office.

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