Structural systems

The advantages of using a structural profile allow it to be used to implement almost any task: from the installation of production fences to the manufacture of a working machine.

This is the main, but not the only advantage of its merits. As pluses, one can also distinguish the following: the weight of the manufactured structure is reduced in comparison with the use of standard profiles by 30-33%. As a result, if the usual working table of an auto mechanic weighed 200 kg, then made with the help of structural aluminium machine tool - only 134 kg. Contact us. We will share with You the experience of working with structural systems.

Any worker will appreciate this weight loss, especially if the table needs to be moved around the workshops. All the parts are assembled quickly. The process is simpler, more like a children's designer.

If necessary, any profile can be cut at any angle, which several times increases the possible solutions. After the assembly of the structure, it is not necessary to prime it, paint it, adjust it to size, etc. For fixing, there is no need to use welded work. With the help of special fittings a strong and reliable connection is created.

As an example, you can consider the aluminium profile for shop windows. After the assembly at any time, you can make changes and adjustments. It is easy enough if necessary to add another shelf in the rack, install rollers on the table legs, etc. The advantages of using a structural aluminium profile are numerous, the only thing that can limit its use is - its price.


Aluminum alloys have become widespread in automotive industry, replacing in some cases cast iron and steel.

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Electrotechnical industry

Due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, it is widely used in cooling systems.

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