Quality policy

Strengthening the company's position in the market as a reliable partner in complex services, including extrusion, anodizing, sublimation and machining of aluminum profiles, as well as satisfying our customers - fulfilling their requirements and expectations - are priorities for our company.

    In carrying out these tasks, we constantly improve the efficiency of our integrated management system, which includes a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2009 and an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001: 2005.

Also mandatory for us is:

• Continually improve the service of our customers,

• Act in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the law, applicable to the Company's activities, our products, our environmental impact and occupational safety,

• Prevent pollution of the environment,

• Manage waste in a manner that is rational and safe for the environment by splitting, securing and dispatching it for disposal or recycling,

• Use energy resources and materials in the best possible way,

• To raise the qualifications and awareness of our employees, to shape their attitude and to strengthen their participation in the provision of high-quality products, environmental protection and actions in accordance with the rules of occupational safety and health,

• Provide adequate resources to implement this policy.

• Quality control,

• Compliance with the requirements and expectations of our customers regarding to the products that we offer is the main element of the functioning of the quality management system conforming to ISO 9001: 2009.

Satisfying the needs of our customers with a broad understanding of the quality of cooperation with us is a priority for all employees.

Mission and vision

Young - it means evaluating in a new way. Analyzing the world market, we strive to keep up with the times offering the most favorable conditions for our customers.

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Company Profile

BENKAM is a dynamically developing company founded in 2015 by European and Uzbek partners, focused on exports to Europe, Central Asia and non-CIS countries. And also, the production of quality products meet the standards of ISO and having all the relevant certificates according to EN standards.

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