Owing to its lightness and strength aluminium alloys have become widespread in the motor industry, replacing in some cases iron and steel.

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Automobiles, Trucks and Buses

In the motor industry aluminium is in great demand from its alloys to make body parts, frames and even completely  an automobile because aluminium alloys are lighter than steel and have equivalent strength, as it is possible to regulate their deformation in RTA  – this is called a programmed deformation. The lightness of this metal makes it possible to reduce the weight of the vehicle, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and, as a consequence, reduces the emission of harmful substances. With the development of design in the motor industry, aluminium has also not been bypassed, its high flexibility helps to realize the boldest design decisions and also allows to make the body more streamlined that increases the aerodynamics of the automobile and improves its manageability. 

The use of aluminium in the interior of the automobile is also gaining momentum, thanks to the fact that it can be processed in a variety of shapes and give a noble colour, small parts in the interior of  “Luxury cars” make it from aluminium, various inserts, buttons, pens and much more. Every year, aluminium is used increasingly and its use in the automotive industry is growing due to its excellent strength, lightness, flexibility and aesthetics.

Railway transport 

Aluminium cars are very popular nowadays, they are used for transportation of coal, various ores and minerals, as well as grain, acids are transported in tank-wagons, etc. Aluminium cars are one-third lighter than their steel counterparts, but the price opposite is much higher, but it pays off more than average in the first two years due to transportation of a larger volume of cargo. But unlike steel, they are not corroded and therefore very durable, on average, for 40 years of use, they lose only 10% of their value in the price. In passenger rail transport, the ease of aluminium saves energy with frequent stops, since ease makes it possible to quickly stop the train and start moving.Contact us to discuss your project in the field of mechanical engineering.

Aluminium is also widely used in the production of high-speed trains and makes it possible to reduce the weight creating resistance to the movement of such trains. Given all the facts, we can say with confidence that aluminium is one of the best materials.


Structural systems

Aluminum structural profile has a wide scope of application. Working place, laboratory and office furniture, doors, fences, conveyor systems - all these items have a common detail.

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Modern cities can not be imagined without aluminum. Pedestrian, facade, window and sliding systems, formwork and scaffolding are made from it.

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