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BENKAM alu extrusions ®

Young and rapidly developing enterprise specializes in production of aluminum profiles of various types and sizes.



Our extrusion production lines can create profiles with dimensions of up to 7,5 meters in automatic mode. Extruded profiles weight varies from 50 to 15 kg per meter.

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Vertical line of powder coating from SAT, Italian producer, without chrome usage.

What does technology of powder painting means?


Anodizing tanks of 8 meters in length are able to apply a decorative anode layer of 5-25 μm to profiles surface up to 7.5 meters long.

Why do we need anodizing process?


We are always happy to provide you a full complex of aluminum solutions for your business.

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Production power


Warehouse stock of finished products

newest presses

Possibilities of manufacturing a profile up to 279.5 mm of diameter.

k tons per year

Productivity of its own anodizing line.

k tons per year

Production capacity of profile manufacturing.


Aluminum alloys have become widespread in automotive industry, replacing in some cases cast iron and steel.


Modern cities can not be imagined without aluminum. Pedestrian, facade, window and sliding systems, formwork and scaffolding are made from it.


Aluminum systems are reliable and practical elements of construction and modern design of the urban environment.

Interior and design

Including technology development Interior design is also developing, aluminum frame profiles are one of the most popular ways of manufacturing facades for kitchen, office furniture and home furniture.

Structural systems

Aluminum structural profile has a wide scope of application. Working place, laboratory and office furniture, doors, fences, conveyor systems - all these items have a common detail.

Electrotechnical industry

Due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, it is widely used in cooling systems.

Power Engineering

Aluminum is a key material in energy field.

Furniture industry

Usage of aluminum for furniture production gives a creative impetus to design of modern interior of house, apartment or office.

About us

Thanks to our experience with European experts and an unconventional approach to work, each of our clients can count on technical assistance and support in profiles development.

BENKAM website provides complete information and access to our production capacity, available aluminum alloys and machining and surface finishing options for aluminum profiles

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Why aluminum?

Aluminum has a rare combination of valuable properties. It is one of the lightest metals in nature: it is almost three times lighter than iron, but it is durable, extremely plastic and does not corrode, as its surface is always covered with a very thin but very strong oxide film.

It is not magnetized, it conducts electricity perfectly and forms alloys with virtually all metals.

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BENKAM намерен стать одним из крупнейших заводов в мире по объемам производства алюминиевой экструзии

CEO AKFA Group Камран Гуламов сообщает о расширении производства на базе комплекса BENKAM. Старт проекта намечен на 2021 год.

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BENKAM is pleased to announce the successful participation at the world exhibition ALUMINUM MESSE 2018 in Düsseldorf.

“BENKAM alu extrusions” is pleased to announce the successful participation at the world exhibition ALUMINUM MESSE 2018 in Düsseldorf.

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Find out the exact delivery time to your city or central warehouse with resources of our logistics department and your own vehicle fleet.

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Head office

  • Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uchtepa district, Hirmontepa street, 1

  • +998 71 203 01 01
    +998 95 144 49 59

Production base

  • Navoi region, Karmaninsky region, FEZ "Navoi"
  • +998 79 222 00 00

BENKAM in Russia

“BENKAM RUS” LLC Sales Department and warehouse

  • Russia, Himki, st. Rabochaya h.2А, block 22 А. Office 206В
  • +7 (967) 034-00-07
    +7 (495) 795-74-84

BENKAM in Europe

UAB “BENKAM EUROPE” Warehouse and distribution hub

  • 1 Galines street, Vilnius, Lithuania 14247
    Registration code: 304590804
    VAT: LT100011262117

  • +370 67 608 303
  • Email:


Сертификаты качества

Сертификаты подтверждают, что продукция Benkam полностью соответствует европейским стандартам.