Aluminium 2016

In 2016 our company took part for the first time in this large-scale exhibition in the history of Uzbekistan. BENKAM is the leader in the supply of anodized aluminum profiles for various purposes in CIS market.

Participation of BENKAM in ALUMINUM in 2016 is an indisputable proof that the industry is actively developing in Uzbekistan. The company adequately presented its stand, the attendance of which was 50% higher compared to the competition stands.

ALUMINUM fair is a platform on which you can meet suppliers and customers, negotiations and agreements. In turn, BENKAM held negotiations with potential clients from the countries of the East, CIS, Europe, North and South America. At the end of the exhibition, the company signed several dozen agreements for aluminum supply in Eastern Europe and CIS.

For Uzbekistan ALUMINUM 2016 is a runway and a pilot-plane in the economically developed future" - BENKAM, in fact convincingly demonstrated that the country's industry is growing rapidly and will soon take its place among the leading countries providing them with a worthy competitor.

The 5-th International Exhibition ALUEXPO2017

Aluexpo (Aluminum Technologies Machinery Products Trade Fair) will be held on the 03-06 October, 2017 in Istanbul

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Aluminium Middle East Exhibition 2017 in Dubai

This year, our company, for the first time in the history of Uzbekistan, took part in this large-scale exhibition. In CIS market, BENKAM takes place

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