Aluminium profile systems - a universal solution for any architectural task. Thanks to modern technologies of painting and anodizing, the quality of the coating of aluminium profiles is distinguished by its durability, its resistance to atmospheric and mechanical influences.

Lightness, plasticity, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and non-toxic aluminium make it possible to use it in eco-architecture - the construction of infrastructure facilities, the creation and further operation of which cause minimal damage to the environment.

Metal lampposts have a significant advantage over aging concrete supports - they are much easier to install and transport, which significantly reduces the cost of installing lighting systems. They are durable, easy to operate, have a rather aesthetic appearance, perfectly fit into the environment and are widely used for creating illuminations on highways and roads, squares and boulevards, in parks and courtyards.

Advantages of aluminium alloy supports:

- ease of construction;

- ease of transportation and installation;

- aesthetic appearance;

- reliability (withstand load in any wind zones)

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Electrotechnical industry

Due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, it is widely used in cooling systems.



Aluminum alloys have become widespread in automotive industry, replacing in some cases cast iron and steel.


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